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Machinery & Equipment manufacturers face different challenges in the current situation: Beside the product modularization and standardization, digital initiatives play an important role in their product portfolio. End-customers require e.g. digital services and digital-enhanced machines, which improve communication between end-customer and machine-manufacturer as well as optimize the operational efficiency, guarantee uptime of machines using data-driven technologies.

In addition, it is essential to further optimize productivity in the own factory producing machines, equipment and components to increase flexibility and cost efficiency.

Darwin for Machinery & Equipment

Darwin, the Machine Performance Finder, offers several intelligent functions to identify concrete optimization potentials of an automated production line during operation. In this way, it significantly increases the performance level of the machines.

Darwin Machine Benchmark continuously generates technical recommendations for reducing the cycle time. This also provides maintenance with an early warning system at the function or component level to prevent unplanned machine failures and to always operate each machine at its optimum.

Darwin Bottleneck Detector continuously detects the bottleneck in a linked production line at station level during operation and thus provides relevant information for effective optimization at the bottleneck.

Benefits of Darwin for Machinery & Equipment

  • Increase of output rate per machine by reducing cycle time
  • Reduction of throughput times
  • Explanation why similar machines perform differently at the same or different factory
  • Early warning system before breakdowns happen

Potential use case: Darwin for Machinery & Equipment

AI-based transparency and closed-loop feedback for digital-enhanced injection moulding machines


End-customers of an international machinery manufacturer require digital-enhanced injection moulding machines to further increase efficiency during series operations. Potential problems and potential of performance optimization should be identified continuously with digital services provided by the machine manufacturer. Darwin as AI-tool delivers these functions:


for implementation and operation of a high frequency and synchronized data infrastructure using a hybrid cloud-edge technology

for automated optimization recommendations to increase productivity & detailed transparency about machine behaviour for end-customer (maintenance) and machine manufacturer (service)

  • Live-transparency of the machine behaviour on component level during 24/7 operations
  • Quantified optimization recommendations to decrease cycle times with the focus on technical non-productive times
  • Continuous closed loop optimization: Optimized process parameter settings for the end-user

„During the first workshop plus10 already provided concrete approaches how their AI tools can be applied even to our very specific domain in a profitable way.“

Karl Peter Simon

Managing Director, Bauer Gear Motor

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Shannon® for Machinery & Equipment

Shannon®, the operational shopfloor assistance, provides situational problem-solving suggestions for the employees at an automated production line. The tool thus forms a continuously operating optimization control loop based on high-frequency PLC data. Shannon® provides situational contextual and expert knowledge about problems and their solutions mobile in the app at any time for the entire staff on the shopfloor. This significantly reduces downtime (mean-time-to-repair) and the spread of productivity between different shifts.

Benefits of Shannon® for Machinery & Equipment

  • 5 – 15 % increase of OEE due to reducing downtimes (MTTR = Mean time to repair)
  • Increasing cost efficiency by reducing unit costs
  • 10 – 30 % shortening the ramp-up and relocation phase in the global production network
  • Instant problem-solving support by suggesting most-relevant expert knowledge
  • Let same or similar machines learn from each othe

Together with plus10, we developed concrete use cases within two days on how artificial intelligence can be integrated into our systems in a value-adding and at the same time technically realistic way.

With their concrete examples of implementation in mechanical and plant engineering, plus10 made the subject very accessible to us. This helped us extensively to identify AI applications for our plants.

Christian Riendl

Head of Electrical Engineering, Film Extrusion Division – Hosokawa Alpine AG

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