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Material Supply & Intralogistics

Smart Intralogistics for automated Production

In automated production, material supply and intralogistics play an important role regarding productivity of production lines and machines. It is essential to provide the right material at the right time to the right station of the production line in order to run machines on a high level of productivity. The logistics personnel needs to know in real-time, which station of a line must be supplied with material to establish a demand-oriented and efficient material supply.

This can only be realized by providing the supply information per station user-friendly to the intralogistics, no matter where the logistics personnel is located in this critical moment. Smartwatches and wearables in combination with intelligent material supply notifications can solve this issue effectively.

The plus10-tool Shannon® faces this production challenge in the material supply.

Benefits of Shannon® for Material Supply & Intralogistics

  • Real-time material supply notifications via Shannon® smartwatch for logistics personnel
  • Real-time detection of problems and error regarding intralogistics tasks
  • Native, user-friendly Shannon® app for Android and iOS as well as Smartwatches e.g. Applewatch
  • Notifications and events based on existing machine controller data
  • Effective and direct optimization of the production rate of automated and complex production lines and machines
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"With Shannon®, the occurring errors and notifications on the complex, automated line could be detected and localized quickly and effectively. The Shannon® smartwatches for the operating and logistics personnel were especially helpful here."


Andreas Koellner

PLC Technician, Production Process Engineering, ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG

Potential Use Case of Shannon® for intralogistics in automated production

Real-time material supply notifications via Shannon® smartwatches for intralogistics

  • Mobile and user-friendly Shannon® app for Apple Watches for intralogistics personnel
  • Implementation and operation of a high frequency and synchronized data infrastructure taking several PLC into account
  • Data handling and processing of all PLC data
  • Real-time detection and notification of material supply demand and tasks via user-friendly mobile devices all over the factory
  • Providing intralogistics an intelligent tool to run the automated production line on a high production rate without material supply stops
  • Reduction of shortstops due to material supply and overall optimization of production rate
  • Intralogistics has a mobile and user-friendly overview about material supply tasks per station of the line
  • Material supply notifications are available for intralogistics in the whole factory

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