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Cost-efficient operations of complex manufacturing lines

The automotive industry faces huge challenges in the production context. The high complexity and the high level of automation need to be handled without suffering from unplanned downtimes such as short stops, technical disturbances or machine breakdowns as well as subsequent troubleshooting.

Operational excellence is required at every factory to remain competitive which means, knowledge about machine behaviour and technology needs to be available and provided to every operator in every plant around the clock whenever needed.

We developed Shannon® and Darwin to solve those challenges in the Automotive context:

Benefits of Shannon® for Automotive

5 – 15 % increase of production effectiveness (OEE) due to reducing downtimes and troubleshooting (MTTR)

Increasing cost efficiency by reducing unit costs

10 – 30 % shortening the ramp-up and relocation phase in the global production network

Instant problem solving support by suggesting most-relevant expert knowledge

Success Story: Shannon® at ebm-papst St. Georgen

Shannon® for the automated assembly of mechatronic automotive components

"The cycle time analysis of Shannon® visualized and compared the cycle and process times for the relevant intervals at detailed station level. This enabled us to initiate concrete optimizations for individual stations to reduce the overall cycle time."


Andreas Koellner

PLC Technician, Production Process Engineering, ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG


Automated assembly line for mechatronic components including 14 stations and 15 PLCs. Already high production rate of 92 % and cycle time of 8s. Operational shopfloor assistance Shannon® for continuous productivity optimization.

Solution: DataCollector for high-frequency data collection of all legal machine controllers & Shannon®, the operational Shopfloor Assistance

  • Real-time detection of technical problems via Shannon® smartphones for operators of the production line
  • Real-time material supply notifications via Shannon® smartwatches for logistic personnel of the production line
  • Detailed analytics functionalities on station level for further cycle time optimization for process engineers
  • Advanced cycle time analysis on signal level for PLC technicians
production line_ebm_papst
© ebm-papst

Success Story: Shannon® at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

Data-driven explanation of short-stops, breakdowns and related scrap of a production line for car cabin air filters

"After a short training phase of Shannon® it was applied to one of our fully automated productions lines. The real-time transparency on error behaviour, associated scrap per cause and situational problem-solving proposals during operations helps us a lot to limit losses to a minimum around the clock!"

Ed Borger

Vice President Global Operations, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies SE & Co. KG

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Fully automated production line for car cabin air filters consisting of 21 processes with initial efficiency rate of 79 % – 92 % depending on individual product type and shift.


Detection  and quantification of optimization potential regarding short stops, breakdowns and related scrap. Based on that generation of situational counter-actions to reduce troubleshooting efforts.

Solution: DataCollector for high frequency data collection of all legal machine controllers & Shannon®, the operational Shopfloor Assistance


  • Full transparency regarding root-causes of short-stops, breakdowns and scrap summing up to 9 % of unplanned downtime and 3 – 13 % of scrap
  • 80 situational counter-actions generated during initial test phase which are actively used for operational trouble-shooting
  • 22 quantified and prioritized technical optimization actions generated for mid-term optimization and maintenance actions
  • Trend analysis for mean-time-to-repair and mean-time-between-failure for each individual root cause and correlated counter action to measure effectiveness of defined actions over time
hand holding a smartphone infront of a production line
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Benefits of Darwin for Automotive

Darwin, the Machine Performance Finder, offers several intelligent functions to identify concrete optimization potentials of an automated production line during operation. In this way, it significantly increases the performance level of the machines.

  • Increase of output rate per machine by reducing cycle time
  • Reduction of throughput times
  • Explanation why similar machines perform differently at the same or different factory
  • Early warning system before breakdowns happen

Optimize your automotive production with plus10!

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