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Consumer Goods

Maximum cost and resource efficiency

The consumer goods industry sector includes the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and consumer electronics as well as home appliances and textile products.

The production of consumer goods is strongly demand- and output-oriented as well as cost-oriented. The mass production of consumer goods needs to run on a high level of productivity and technical availability. Fully automated production lines e.g. for filling and packaging are widespread as well as rubber and plastics production e.g. blow moulding, injection moulding or extrusion.

The plus10 tools Shannon® and Darwin actively optimize fully automated consumer goods production operating in a 24/7 mode. Also existing production lines can be equipped with our AI tools (Brownfield integration).

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Shannon® for Consumer Goods

Shannon®, the Real-time Solution Recommender, provides situational problem-solving proposals for employees responsible for automated production lines to reduce downtimes during breakdowns and short stops. The tool thus forms a continuously effective optimization loop based on high-frequency machine controller data. Shannon® makes expert knowledge about problems and their solutions explicitly available to the entire staff at the right moment in a mobile app.

Benefits of Shannon® for Consumer Goods

  • 5-15% increase of production effectiveness (OEE = Overall Equipment Effectiveness) due to reducing downtimes (MTTR = Mean time to repair)
  • Increasing cost efficiency by reducing unit costs
  • 10-30% shortening the ramp-up and relocation phase in the global production network
  • Instant problem-solving support by suggesting most-relevant expert knowledge
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Darwin for Consumer Goods

Darwin, the intelligent machine benchmark, learns a virtual ideal process on the basis of high-frequency PLC data from several machines and thus provides a target value how fast each machine could be and how to get there. Based on this, Darwin continuously generates concrete recommendations for reducing the cycle time. Maintenance departments are empowered by Darwin to avoid breakdowns before they happen thanks to early warnings.

Darwin supports productivity optimization in the field of consumer goods by optimizing the cycle times of cyclic production machines, like injection moulding or extrusion in e.g. white appliance production or e.g. in household products production.

Benefits of Darwin for Consumer Goods

  • Increase in output per time per machine by reducing the cycle time
  • Identification of performance potential regarding cycle time and transparency for production planning
  • Early warning system before breakdowns happen
  • Maintenance and production optimization can be effectively scheduled

Success story: Darwin at Vileda/Freudenberg

Injection Moulding 4.0: High frequency data collection and mapping of several data sources at Vileda


Conception and realization of a high frequency big data infrastructure and data mapping for injection moulding machines as an enabler for subsequent machine learning modules. 

Bucket production at Vileda/Freudenberg
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Implementation of several data interfaces to each controller

  • Connection and data mapping of sensors for raw material characterization
  • DEMAG injection moulding machines
  • In-mould sensors measuring temperature and humidity
  • Handling devices and buffering systems for produced parts
  • Quality station for individual quality checks of each part
  • Creation of a virtual buffer system to track and trace individual parts after injection moulding

plus10 established a high-frequency data infrastructure for our injection moulding machines. The collaboration also included a virtual component tracking system to continuously and automatically link all process and subsequent quality data to a product. I was very impressed by the expertise and reliability of plus10.

Uwe Dingert

Director R&D, Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions

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