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Optimize cycle times of automated production machines.

Detect bottlenecks.

Create more transparency about machine behavior.

Reducing cycle times of machines and bottlenecks - with Darwin!

plus10’s Darwin Machine Benchmark offers several intelligent functions to identify concrete optimization potentials of an automated production line or several production machines during operations on basis of machine controller data (PLC, RC, NC). In this way, Darwin significantly increases the performance level of machines by reducing cycle times or eliminating bottlenecks.

Darwin contains the following modules:

  • Machine Benchmark
  • Bottleneck Detector

Which production problems does Darwin Machine Benchmark tackle?

Increase in output only possible with more resources

No transparency about actual & ideal cycle time behavior

Similar machines run on different productivity levels

High fixed costs and unit costs for fully automated machines

Competitive pressure in the market for machine manufacturers

Darwin Machine Benchmark

three similar machines with different levels of productivity
Common problem: Similar machines have different levels of productivity

Features & functions of Darwin Machine Benchmark

  • Intelligent Machine Benchmark

    Providing target values for shortest possible cycle time and generating technical suggestions

  • Early Warning System

    Operating each machine at its optimum by detecting and preventing unplanned breakdowns

  • Detailed Transparency

    Insights about ideal and real machine behavior on process step level

Which benefits does Darwin Machine Benchmark deliver?

Increase in output per time per machine by reducing cycle time

Identification of real possible target value of benchmark cycle time

Early warning system before breakdowns

Effective planning of maintenance and process optimization

Cycle Time Optimization in automated Turning and Milling

Compared to conventional optimization methods, Darwin uses the high-frequency internal data of all controllers involved (PLC, NC, RC) via a supplied interface and continuously and automatically generates concrete optimization recommendations for process experts in turning and milling. This allows already optimized and utilized processes to be operated even more productively or expensive night and weekend shifts to be avoided.

Reduzieren der Zykluszeit in der automatisierten Zerspanung || plus10's Darwin Machine Benchmark

Machining centers and the associated fully automated loading and unloading handling can be optimized with the intelligent Machine Benchmark Darwin. (Image source: KUKA Group)

Darwin Bottleneck Detector

Features & functions of Darwin Bottleneck Detector

The Bottleneck Detector identifies automatically and continuously the bottleneck of a linked production line on process step level. Based on that detailed transparency, further optimization can be prioritized and implemented for the bottleneck station to increase machine effectiveness.

plus10's Darwin Machine Benchmark
  • Live Bottleneck Detector

    Detailed and continuous transparency about bottleneck behavior on process step level

  • Web Front-End

    Bottleneck visualization available for process engineers and optimization

  • Enabler of advanced optimization

    Target-oriented and precise machine and production optimization possible for the bottleneck station, also in correlation with PLC signals with included Signal Viewer

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