Machine performance finder

Reducing cycletimes of machines and bottlenecks

Darwin, the Machine Performance Finder, offers several intelligent functions to identify concrete optimization potentials of an automated production line or several production machines during operations on basis of machine controller data (PLC, RC, NC data). In this way, Darwin significantly increases the performance level of machines by reducing cycle times or eliminating bottlenecks.

Darwin contains the following functionalities

  • Machine Benchmark
  • Bottleneck Detector

Which production problems does Darwin Machine Benchmark tackle?

  • Production capacity needs to be increased
  • No transparency about actual and ideal cycle time behavior
  • Similar machines run on different productivity levels
  • High fixed costs and unit costs for fully automated machines
  • Competitive and differentiation pressure in the market for machine manufacturers
three similar machines with different levels of productivity
Common problem: Similar machines have different levels of productivity

Which benefits does Darwin Machine Benchmark deliver?

  • Increase in output per time per machine by reducing cycle time
  • Identification of real possible target value of benchmark cycle time
  • Early warning system before breakdowns
  • Effective planning of maintenance and process optimization

Features & functions of Darwin Machine Benchmark

  • Intelligent Machine Benchmark:

Providing target values for fastest possible production process and generating technical suggestions for reducing cycle time with focus on technical productive times

  • Early Warning System:

Operating each machine at its optimum by detecting and preventing unplanned breakdowns

  • Detailed Transparency:

Insights about ideal and real machine behavior on process step level

  • Handling robot ready:

Include periphery equipment like handling robots in the benchmark scenario

Darwin Bottleneck Detector

Features & functions of Darwin Bottleneck Detector

The Bottleneck Detector identifies automatically and continuously the bottleneck of a linked production line on process step level. Based on that detailed transparency, further optimization can be prioritized and implemented for the bottleneck station to increase machine effectiveness.

  • Live Bottleneck Detector:

Detailed and continuous transparency about bottleneck behavior on process step level

  • Web Front-End:

Bottleneck visualization available for process engineers and optimization

  • Enabler of advanced optimization:

Target-oriented and precise machine and production optimization possible for the bottleneck station, also in correlation with PLC signals with included Signal Viewer

User Interface of Darwin


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“plus10 established a high-frequency data infrastructure for our injection molding machines. The collaboration also included a virtual component tracking system to continuously and automatically link all process and subsequent quality data to a product. I was very impressed by the expertise and reliability of plus10."

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