the intelligent machine benchmark

Reducing cycletimes of machines and bottleneck processes

Darwin, the intelligent machine benchmark, learns a virtual ideal process on the basis of high-frequency PLC data from several machines and thus provides a target value how fast each machine could be and how to get there. Based on this, Darwin continuously generates concrete recommendations for reducing the cycle time. Maintenance departments are empowered by Darwin to avoid breakdowns before they happen thanks to early warnings.

Which production problems does Darwin tackle?

  • Production capacity needs to be increased
  • No transparency about actual and ideal production behavior
  • Similar machines run on different productivity levels
  • High fixed costs and unit costs for fully automated machines
  • Competitive and differentiation pressure in the market for machine manufacturers
three similar machines with different levels of productivity
Common problem: Similar machines have different levels of productivity

Which benefits does Darwin deliver?

  • Increase in output per time per machine by reducing cycle time
  • Identification of performance potential regarding cycle time
  • Early warning system before breakdowns
  • Maintenance and process optimization actions can be effectively scheduled

Do you want more information about Darwin?

Features & functions

  • Machine process analysis:

Analysis of machine processes on signal-level based on high frequency live data

  • Machine comparison:

Comparison of similar machines on a very detailed machine component level

  • Potential identification:

Deduction of optimization actions for each real machine to reduce cycle times

  • Early warning system:

Constant monitoring of machine sub-process behaviour with notification of anomalies for maintenance department


Get a live demo of Darwin

“With its continuously learning Darwin-Recommender technology plus10 has provided practical proof on several injection moulding machines that significant production increases in elastomer processing are possible in practice.”

Reinfried Wobbe

Director Digital Business Development/Industrie 4.0

Technical requirements

  • Fully-automated machine cycle
  • At least 5 machines of the same or similar type at the same or at a different factory
  • Series production during 2 shifts or more

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