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AI tools to guarantee maximum efficiency of your machines

Machinery & Equipment manufacturers face different challenges in the current situation: Beside the product modularization and standardization, digital initiatives play an important role in their product portfolio. End-customers require e.g. digital services and digital-enhanced machines, which improve communication between end-customer and machine-manufacturer as well as optimize the operational efficiency, guarantee uptime of machines using data-driven technologies.

In addition, it is essential to further optimize productivity in the own factory producing machines, equipment and components to increase flexibility and cost efficiency.

Benefits of Darwin for Machinery & Equipment

  • Increase of output rate per machine by reducing cycle time
  • Reduction of throughput times
  • Explanation why similar machines perform differently at the same or different factory
  • Early warning system before breakdowns happen

"ZAHORANSKY uses all three intelligent plus10 tools on fully automated production lines to support fast and smooth ramp-ups as well as maximum productivity at our customers’ sites. International Medical equipment manufacturers as well as Consumer goods companies are already using the operational assistance tools!"

Dr. Bernd Stein

Managing Director for Technology and Machinery ZAHORANSKY AG

Specific Use Case: Shannon® at PERI Werk Günzburg GmbH

Shannon for a fully automated profiling, welding and testing line for scaffolding decks


  • Implementation of Shannon® on a fully automated production line for scaffolding decks
  • High-frequency connection of all machine controllers involved (various SP, RC, motion, welding and test controllers) as a fused live data basis
  • Knowledge management and documentation of the most effective procedure for troubleshooting in the event of a breakdown


  • Fully automated production line for safety-critical scaffold decking consisting of 34 process steps divided into several stations:
    • Pressing
    • Profiling
    • Flying saw NC based
    • Welding with 36 welding robots and associated welding sources
    • Insertion and joining of attachments
    • Inspecting safety-critical features with robots and vision system
  • Initial key figures:
    • Cycle time: 11 seconds
    • Largest loss factor: Short stops and technical breakdowns

Results and benefits from Shannon®:

  • Real-time visibility into current and past disruptions
  • Prioritization of relevant breakdowns to root-cause
  • Faster root cause identification for machine downtime with integrated signal viewer for all controllers
  • Generation of more than 50 solutions during implementation phase for situational problem solving with Shannon®. 
  • Intensive support of software implementation at shopfloor level in all shifts by plus10
  • Cloud edge-based IT infrastructure for high-frequency and at the same time scalable integration

“With Shannon®, the operational shopfloor assistance, we were able to generate data-based transparency on all relevant machine breakdowns including localization and prioritization after the implementation phase. In addition, machine downtimes could be analyzed live at signal level. The plus10 team proved to be extremely competent and supportive.”


  – Daniel Spanfellner, Smart Factory Expert, PERI  

Optimize your Machinery & Equipment production with plus10!

Felix Georg Müller || plus10 co-founder