Operational Shopfloor Assistance

Minimize problem searching and solving times.

Reduce productivity spread between shifts and operators.

Maximize OEE by reducing MTTR.

Reduce the MEAN TIME TO REPAIR in every shift - with Shannon®

To counteract long downtimes in the event of machine breakdowns Shannon®, the operational shopfloor assistance, provides situational problem-solving suggestions for operators of an automated production line. The software tool thus forms a continuously operating optimization control loop based on high-frequency PLC data. By locating the breakdowns in real time and by providing relevant solutions to operators, Shannon® helps to significantly reduce downtimes (mean-time-to-repair) and the spread of productivity between different shifts. The result is an efficient operation of the production line, even by inexperienced personnel, and thus an increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This is how you solve the shortage of skilled workers.

In the following video you can see how Shannon® reacts in case of a breakdown.

Which production problems does Shannon® tackle?

Downtime due to unplanned machine errors

Output losses due to downtime with high unit costs”

High fluctuations in the workforce

Loss and absence of valuable expert knowledge when needed

Inefficient and long ramp-up of new or relocated machines / production lines

Competitive and differentiation pressure in the market for machine manufacturers

Ipad, Iphone and Smartwatch with Shannon application
Shannon® is available on Android, iOS, watchOS and on all common browser

Features & functions

  • Notifications of events

    Provide precise localization of error causes

  • Step-by-step instruction

    Showing step-by-step instructions to solve the specific error

  • Auto-Translate

    Situational translation of events and instructions into desired language

  • Prioritization based on the root cause

    Detection and prioritization on the basis of dynamic bottlenecks

  • Creating and forwarding of events

    Define your own events and directly inform maintenance staff about an urgent problem

  • Automatic shift report

    Automatically generate downtime and product batch reports

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„After a short training phase of Shannon®, the generation of situational solution suggestions based on high-frequency PLC data was applied on one of our fully automated productions lines. From that moment on, the tool has been continuously refined live with feedback and new solution knowledge from experienced employees. The real-time transparency on error behavior, associated scrap per cause and situational problem-solving proposals during operations helps us a lot to limit losses to a minimum around the clock!”

Ed Borger
Vice President Global Operations, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies SE & Co. KG

Which benefits does Shannon® deliver?

5-15 % increase of OEE due to reducing downtimes (MTTR)

Increasing cost efficiency by reducing unit costs

Shortage of skilled workers: Instant problem solving support by suggesting most-relevant expert knowledge

Reduction of mean variation of productivity by up to 38 %

10-30 % shortening the ramp-up and relocation phase

Knowledge Management: Knowledge build-up about actual machine behaviour and solutions

“It’s impressive how more output can be gained from fully utilized production facilities with the plus10 software tools. This means capacity expansion without high plant investments.”

Daniel Stengel
Director Kearney

Great achievement at the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021

With the topic “AI-based software: process optimization in the assembly of medical devices”, plus10 and Haselmeier A medmix Brand were able to win the category “Innovate!” of the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021. The joint use case involved the implementation of plus10 software tools on an automated assembly line for injection pens to increase productivity in GMP-compliant production.

By using the plus10 tools, a significant performance optimization can be realized. The GMP-compliant software tool Shannon® identifies technical problems of a production line and their causes in real time and offers situational solution recommendations to solve the problem.

Implementation of Shannon® on an automated assembly line for injection pens to increase productivity in GMP-compliant production. Source: Stanislav Tisot, Haselmeier.


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