the real-time solution recommender

Reduce the MEAN TIME TO REPAIR around the clock

Shannon®, the real-time solution recommender, provides situational suggestions for operators of automated production lines to reduce problem-solving time during breakdowns and short stops. The tool thus forms a continuous optimization loop based on high-frequency machine controller data. Shannon® makes expert knowledge about problems and their solutions explicitly available to the entire staff at the right moment in a mobile app.

Which production problems does Shannon® tackle?

  • Ineffectiveness in operation due to unplanned machine errors
  • High fixed costs and unit costs
  • Loss and absence of valuable expert knowledge, e.g. through fluctuation
  • Inefficient ramp-up of new or relocated machines / production lines
  • Competitive and differentiation pressure in the market for machine manufacturers
Ipad, Iphone and Smartwatch with Shannon application
Shannon® is available on Android, iOS, watchOS and in the browser

Which benefits does Shannon® deliver?

  • 5-15 % increase of production effectiveness (OEE) due to reducing downtimes (MTTR)
  • Increasing cost efficiency by reducing unit costs
  • 10-30 % shortening the ramp-up and relocation phase
  • Instant problem solving support by suggesting most-relevant expert knowledge
  • Reduction of mean variation of productivity by up to 38 %
  • Knowledge build-up about actual machine behaviour for long-term optimization, machine specification, design and procurement

Do you want more information about Shannon®?

closed optimization control loop
The closed optimization control loop generated by Shannon®

Features & functions

  • Notification of events:

Provide precise localization of error causes

  • Step-by-step instruction:

Showing step-by-step instructions to solve the specific error

  • Classification of unknown-events:

Classifying unknown events by anomaly detection

  • Prioritization of events:

Prioritization on the basis of dynamic bottlenecks

  • Create events:

Define new events with mathematical functions

  • Forwarding of events:

Directly inform maintenance staff about an event

  • Automatic shift report:

Automatically generate downtime and product batch reports


Get a live demo of Shannon®

“With plus10 and its Shannon® technology, we rapidly identified significant optimization potential in our interlinked production lines. Their profound expertise in the area of machine controller connectivity and analysis of high-frequency machine data honestly convinced us.“

Dr. Waldemar Rotfuss

Head of Technology Platforms, Freudenberg Technology Innovation

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Technical requirements

  • Fully-automated production line or machine
  • Series production during 2 shifts or more

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